USB Flash Drives Are Hot High Tech Promo Products

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A USB flash drive makes an outstanding promotional product. Whether you call it a memory stick, or a jump or thumb drive, this is a very useful tool for transferring data between computers. It’s portable – at a weight of approximately 1 ounce – rewritable, and provides considerable storage space capacity.

A custom USB thumb drive, designed to your specifications, makes a welcome promotional item, business gift, and high-end tradeshow giveaway. This is not throw-away promotional merchandise. Your clients and prospective customers will want to hold onto these useful devices.

Any new computer comes with one or more Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors. These USB ports allow you to simply plug in a device such as a mouse, printer, or portable memory drive to your computer. Your target customers will most likely use your promotional memory drive in the environment where they make decisions about using your products or services – at the computer.

Corporate executives will use them at their office desks – unless they’re at the golf course – so you might want to have the USB thumb drive housing made in the shape of a golf ball or in combination with a groove cleaner and brush for golf clubs as part of a gift set. This will keep your company name and logo highly visible where many executives make important decisions… out on the greens rather than behind a desk.

The unique design of your USB compact flash drive will create a strong impression and contribute to your branding efforts. With color, shape, and motif, your company’s name and logo will be noticed by current and prospective technology-savvy clients, even if the design is whimsical.

The promotional jump drive can be loaded with information about your business. Describe your services, products, or mission statement. The memory drive has considerable space for data, and it’s rewritable. It’s the ideal promotional item for technology-proficient consumers who appreciate the convenience of a flash drive.

Though small, a custom USB flash drive can attract enormous attention. One business that manufactures bakery equipment ordered memory sticks that resemble little loaves of bread. A growing Mexican restaurant chain chose the shape of a chili pepper for their promotional device. A small flight school ordered brightly colored USB drives in the shape of airplanes as gifts for their employees, students, and business associates.

A variety of materials and styles are available. Your custom portable memory device can be made out of metal or leather. It can flip, slide, or swivel open. You can combine a thumb drive and a wristband or key chain.

Seventy-six percent of Americans use computers. A tradeshow giveaway, corporate, or event prize of a USB flash drive is a promotional product that will be used over and over, for years. Technology-savvy people will use them to store files and transfer data and, while they’re at it, they’ll see and be reminded of your company name, logo, and design, again and again. How did we – the 76 percent – ever get along without them?

The company that you choose to produce your custom USB memory device should be capable of offering design advice. They will ask if you have images of the item you want your flash drive to resemble. Drawings or photographs will help, but a company with expertise in the manufacture of promotional products can take the description of your idea and create a 3D model to use as a mold.