What Makes a Disney Wristband More Magical Than a Glittering Wand?

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When the best of technology and magic comes together, everything changes forever. Perhaps the same is true to what the Walt Disney World Orlando has to offer. In the name of its so-called billion dollar Next-Gen initiative, it seems the company is all excited about its most anticipated future. Today with the MagicBand around, life at the Disney World Parks has taken a big leap. It is in fact a complete turnaround from the otherwise busy and more hectic schedules with long queues and ever-increasing ride lines. The all-in-one magical wrist band in deed is a revolution in the offing. It takes our future theme park vacation experience to an all new level.

However, there are some passionate few who are reluctant to accept this highly ambitious Disney project. They are the people who think that the Company could have done better by investing more on development and expansion of its rides and attractions instead. But given the excitement it creates I think there are many others like me who are always in favor of this billion dollar NextGen Experience by Disney. Coz for us time and again Disney is a big-time game changer and it will continue to do so when it comes to offering world-class vacation experiences. Today the MagicBand already wins ample takers out there and the time is not far when that nice little tech-studded wrist-band becomes the darling of Disney Vacation.

When that small little beautiful something, that dangles around the wrist becomes the keeper of your money and identity… When that stylish rubber wristband becomes the ultimate guide for your favorite ride… When that wonderfully engraved world-famous Mouse glows in shades of inspiring Greens, I guess nothing can stop you from reliving your futuristic Dream. With the Band in your hand consider yourself being the happiest man. From the moment you arrive everything is taken care of like never before. You don’t have to worry about renting car or waste time at the baggage counter. Neither you need to carry cash nor have to bear the brunt of long wait lines.

Call it a dream or call it fancy, there is always a bit of magic in everything that is Disney. And the MagicBand is no exception. For the kids it’s like special gift, akin to a Christmas present, powered with many great surprises. For parents it’s the most incredible vacation tool that cleverly addresses all the pain points of a modern-day vacation like never before. What seems to be a less-remarkable gift item at first sight is in fact the most potent weapon, invisibly connects you to a vast and powerful system of sensors within the park.